The  motive of this store is : 

To spread the Devotion of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Consecration to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to revive the Devotion of the Badge of The Sacred Heart.



                   I am a Catholic homeschooling mom who has a special mission to the  Devotion of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I also belong to a Religious Third Order.  After almost a year since I started the online website of Sainte Zelie Store,  and through prayers, and discernments, I came to understand deep in my heard that Our Lord wants me to continue with the  spreading of The Devotion of His Most Sacred Heart, and to trust Him.      So this is what I am mostly focusing on.       Only the Love of Jesus can change our falling away world.    

 Through SainteZelieStore, I hope to bring the whole family together through The  Enthronement  of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on the family, on their dwelling, on their hearts, through their spending time together praying a Holy Hour, the Litany or the Chaplet  of The Sacred Heart in order to make reparation to Our Lord for our offenses and the offenses of the world, or just sit in silence in front of the picture of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and express their love for Him. 

  The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus can  save the family in our present times, if we allow Him.    

Sainte Zelie Store is also specialized in the Devotion of The Badge of The Sacred Heart which is the Badge of Protection given by Our Lord Himself to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Please check: Jesus Love Shall Reign, where you can find the story of the Devotion, the prayers that can be said, Holy Hours,....and where I talk about my mission.       

      Below is the certificate of the Enthronement of The Sacred Heart of Jesus on SainteZelieStore.

Sincerely in The Love of The Sacred Heart of Jesus,


a voice of The Sacred Heart  




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